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About Sjael

What is Sjael?

Sjael (pronounced sheel) is a brand-new social network that is completely different. It is a platform for building real-life, in person communities and creating a healthier, more conscious world.

Sjael is also a platform for sharing conscious content and creating a global network of positive paradigm shifters.

Although we are on social media more than ever, we are disconnected locally and are less self-sufficient than ever before. Sjael will solve this problem through connecting people locally as well as globally to share information and skills such as home building, growing food, energy technologies, or clothing making, for example. Sjael connects people in productive, supportive, meaningful ways that will help facilitate a revival of the local community on a global scale. The value of communities to human flourishing cannot be overstated, and our current way of living has harmed our mental health and wellbeing. We rely on big corporations to feed and clothe us, when this is not necessary. These companies also do not have our best interest in mind. If these systems collapse, we will need each other like never before. Sjael provides a platform to prevent this type of reliance on the greater system and reconnect with each other for support.

Sjael solves real world problems with real world results. Instead of being shallowly rewarded with likes and followers, we are rewarded through genuine connection and productive results that enable a better way of living.

There are many problems with the current social networks that Sjael will solve:

  1. 1. Sjael will not sell your private information to third parties
  2. 2. Sjael will not have ads that are not user-driven, prosocial, and productive
  3. 3. Sjael will not have an algorithm to filter what you see, you will see everything
  4. 4. Sjael will not have fact-checkers, you are free to post and research what you like
  5. 5. Sjael will not have likes or followers, as these create a currency of inauthenticity